Camilla's Log, September 6

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

Hi! It’s me again--Camilla. How’re you, Jasmine Journal?

Me? Fine. I’m all right. Good. Yeah. I did a lot of work yesterday. Or it felt like it, at least. I sent out a e-mails to contact experts on my favorite fish--Pacific Bluefin Tuna.

Yay! Tuna! I love tuna!

Which, I realize, might sound a little weird. But it’s true! I just find tuna really cool. And cute.

Although, really, out of all the animals to be fascinated with, tuna are on the less practical side.

You can’t have a pet tuna.

(It’s hard to keep a fish that can grow to over eight feet long (1) and crosses the Pacific ocean (2) in a tank in your bedroom.)

You can’t even go to the local zoo and see tuna.

(Although the semi-local Monterey Bay Aquarium has some.)

And then there’s the whole endangered-but-not-technically thing.

Because the authorities have yet to admit that they’re in really, really big trouble.

To be precise, the current population is down to 2.6% of normal (3).

But still, I really like Pacific Bluefin Tuna. And hey--saving the ocean and its creatures is why we’re making this anyway, right?

And they’re working on making tuna endangered, so that’s really good.


See you next week.

--Camilla Kennedy



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